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I have been a Registered Nurse for over 12 years. My professional experience spans multiple specialties including psychiatry, cardiology, management, surgery, and Cardiac surgery. I have most recently been a local travel RN serving in Manhattan and Staten Island.


It has been my experience that many people struggle to understand their health and wellness. Many lack the resources needed to be able to maximize their wellness. It has always been my goal as an RN to care for people and I feel Coaching through a holistic model will be the next wave in health care.

The traditional model of healthcare is one that is reactive, meaning, as a society, we wait to get sick and then seek help from our Doctor. What if I could offer you a better way to live a healthier lifestyle that will require nothing more than you and I speaking, spending some time creating goals and you carrying them out?


What if I was able to help guide you towards a life that requires fewer medications, fewer doctor visits, and more time for and with yourself and loved ones? These are my goals for you. I aim to get you there through a coaching model, and a variety of practices that we will pick and choose from based on your individual needs at consultation. You can come to me even if all you would like is a friendly smile and some IV hydration for a quick pick-me-up. I look forward to seeing and speaking with you!






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